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A Word Mirror

  • Powell lens 55° φ9*7
  • Specifications: φ9*7
  • Material: K9 Transmittance rate >92%
  • The Powell Lens is one kind of aspheric cylinder lens, which can transform laser beam into a uniform straight laser line. By using Powell Lens, you will get more even energy distribution along the laser line than using the rod lenses and lenses.

Product introduction

At present our Powell lens are available in fan angles of 3degree to 120degree.The optical line generator lens is optimized for a Φ0.8mm, Φ1mm,Φ2mm,Φ3mm,Φ5mm and Φ10mm input laser beam diameter. Using this design will result in an impressive, even distribution of energy along the length of the line. These lenses offer excellent overall stability and line quality. They outperform cylindrical lens that generate Gaussian beam profiles with hot-spot center points and fading edges. Originally designed for laser line generators, they are now offered uncounted for a variety of custom applications including use in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control.

The Powell Lens can be widely used in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control fields.